Sutra 4

Each of us has a deadly, cunning enemy — our ignorance or our hopeless stupidity.

If it seems to us that we have real enemies, then this is just another victory of our ignorance over us.

There is only the only weapon with which we can surely defeat this insidious enemy - Knowledge.

No matter how old you are, what education you haven’t received before, yoga urges you to continue your training. This is the only chance to overcome the many sufferings of our lives, generated by ignorance.

Yoga is rapidly disappearing. The abundance of information about yoga, which now seems to have swept the countries of the East and the West, turns out to be just an illusion.

Save the situation can only extremely decisive actions to save this grand system of self-knowledge, which is yoga.

First of all, we need qualified yoga teachers, who, on the one hand, would understand the ancient knowledge of yoga, and on the other hand, could bring it to modern people in a language understandable to them.

In the modern world, we see two equally ineffective strategies for the preservation of yoga knowledge.

The first strategy is a superficial commercial, frivolous, consumer attitude to yoga, which is shown to us by the countries of the West, where yoga is reduced to the level of either charging or acrobatics.

To the positive sides of this trend can be attributed to the mass, which it acquired in the West.

The second strategy is an attempt to recreate a small "India" within a particular yoga school in the West, to make everyone live in the "Indian manner": to dress, eat, communicate. An attempt to impose norms of behavior that are natural in the East and simply unthinkable in the West.

The positive aspects of this trend can be attributed to the fact that sometimes there is a very deep understanding of the theory and practice of yoga among people who adhere to this approach.

We see two trends: one completely frivolous, the other too serious, but, unfortunately, this seriousness has little to do with yoga.

The only real way out of this situation today is Free Internet Remote Yoga Courses, which can cover an unlimited number of people and do at least something real in preserving and promoting yoga.

Online yoga courses will allow you to find the most capable, sincere and dedicated people of yoga, who in the future will become teachers of yoga and will not allow yoga to disappear.

Online yoga courses are available to everyone who has access to the Internet.
This is a very positive moment for studying yoga, which gives a chance to join yoga to ordinary people.

But such ease of entry also makes it possible to easily penetrate all sorts of ill-mannered, and sometimes strange and irresponsible public sites and forums dedicated to yoga.

We must identify such people and block their activities in the most decisive way, without engaging in any discussions with them.

Never enter into discussions with such people. Do not explain anything to these people - it is useless.

The only effective method of soft struggle with such people is not to react to them.

We speak about other schools of yoga either well or not.

Knowledge to the person should come in the sequence and the measure that will make the person wiser, freer and happier. Any jumping over the steps and practices taken out of context can seriously slow down a person’s path.

First, you will learn in a certain sequence all the more or less Open knowledge of yoga.

If everything goes well, you will begin to come into contact with practitioners and Higher practitioners who are Closed from unprepared, casual people.

And only after that, as time passes, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with completely unknown, secret and powerful sections of yoga.

Yoga does not divide people into "worthy" and "not worthy", but patiently waits for an unsuitable person to rise above his bestial nature and his life for the good of all living beings proves that he is ready to use the power of yoga for the good of both himself and people.
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