Session 3. Part 2. "Automatic Access in advance to study Internet Yoga Courses." Travel time: 10 min.

Session 3. Part 2.

Automatic Advance Access to the study of Internet Yoga Courses on the


Friends, on free internet yoga courses on the site it is assumed that you first fully study one yoga course before moving on to the next one. That is, you will pass all the tests, do your homework and get an assessment for it, and only after that will you begin the next course.

But the curator may take some time to write homework and check it, and we would not want you to lose this time and stop your study of yoga. Therefore, in some courses, we give in advance a code word for access to the next course immediately after the student has successfully passed the last test of the course, and before the homework was sent.

Unfortunately, as practice shows, some students abuse our openness and gullibility and do not do their homework at all or very rarely. They quickly run through the courses, and they have a dangerous illusion that they have learned yoga.

Such students acquire negative karma from an unsystematic way of thinking, behavior and life. Since the habit of abusing the trust of others leads sooner or later to problems in life.

In order not to condone the acquisition of negative karma by the student, the yoga course system on the website is set up so that with regular course cleaning the system can remove the student from all courses where the student has not completed his homework.

Indeed, the student takes some minimum time to complete each course. If the system or the curator sees that the student has completed a large number of courses in an unrealistically short time, and at the same time he has debts due to homework for several courses, then this is suspicious.

The system makes such a student on a special list, and if the situation does not change for the better by the time of archival cleaning, which takes place every six months, the system can automatically remove the student and the student will have to continue his studies from the course where he completed his homework.

We apologize in advance for such a hard approach to learning, because otherwise we will indulge the negative karma of the students and thereby acquire negative karma ourselves, which is unacceptable.

But, friends, remember that if there are any misunderstandings, you can always write to the curators, and they will gladly try to help you, since we have a presumption of innocence, and we are trying our best to trust people.

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