Sutra 2.

There are three forms of training:

• Student Free Listener.

(Is free)

• Full-time / correspondence student in-depth study of yoga in the special group.

(Paid. Duration 108 weeks.)

• Full-time / part-time Student in Yoga teacher training courses in Russian and English

(Paid. Duration 208 weeks.)

There are “Paid Preparatory Courses for Admission to Yoga Teachers' Courses”.

In any case, you must start as a Student Free Listener, and then you can become a full-time or correspondence Student of Special Groups.

If you fulfill all the requirements, you can become a full-time / part-time Student of Yoga teacher training courses.

Group 1 - Students Free Listeners - those who study yoga for themselves.

They are not bound by any requirements and obligations.

For them, all training is absolutely free.

The only thing that is required of the Students of the Free Listeners is the interest in studying yoga and the sequence in passing the Courses.

At any convenient time, a student can take courses, attend classes, seminars and lectures held at the University.

For Students of Free Listeners, all Courses are open, with the exception of Courses that deal directly with the process of full-time and distance education and the training of teachers and yoga instructors.

In the future, Students Free Students can enroll in full-time (correspondence) courses for in-depth study and training of yoga teachers.

Recruitment to the group of Full-time (Absentee) Students is conducted only from among the Students of the Free Listeners.

To become a Student Free Listener, register on the Internet Yoga Course website

Sequentially pass all Courses, take tests at the end of each lesson.

Group 2 - Full-time Students of advanced courses and training courses for yoga teachers are those who study at advanced courses and courses for teachers or yoga instructors to continue to teach yoga in Russian as well as English at the request of the student.

Full-time Students are a group that consists of people who are already our Students Free Listeners and in addition to this regularly attend our workshops, seminars and lectures on yoga.

To become an Full-time Student, you need to want to be a yoga teacher, and you must also like our yoga school.

To become an Full-time Student, you will need to regularly attend our seminars, general yoga classes and lectures that we give to everyone.

You will attend at least 16 training events per month (12 special classes, 4 special sets). Take special online yoga courses for teachers, work with personal trainers. Participate in retreats and retreats.

Training is paid.

One-time entry fee of 1,500 rubles. For the formation of a student mutual aid fund and organizational needs.

Monthly subscription fee for the organization of the learning process: 4000 rubles. per month.

Attend 2 times a year retreat seminar (cost from 7700 rub.)

Attendance of 6 six-hour special online seminars per year (the cost of one is 600 rub.)

Duration of training: The first cycle is 108 weeks for the Certificate of Instructor. Then a break is possible. The second cycle of 100 weeks - training in the Diploma of the Master.

If you want to become an Full-time Student - become a Student Free Listener, for this register and take courses: Course 000, Course 002, Course 002, Course 003, Course 004.

Begin to attend our common yoga classes, yoga seminars, and lectures.

In Course 004, find the questionnaire, fill it out and send it to Mile Kasumova at, (copy:

Contact the address:, (copy: Sign up for an interview.

Continue to take all the other courses in succession at

3. Group - Absentee Students of Yoga teacher training - students from foreign countries and from countries of the former USSR.

In the future, the role of preserving and spreading yoga will mainly fall on the shoulders of correspondence students.

Only when yoga moves out of megalopolises, closer to ordinary people, only then can one expect that yoga will not disappear.

Correspondence Students are students who cannot be Full-time Students because of their remote place of residence and the inability to attend classes regularly. therefore

Correspondence Students can only be people living in other cities.

In order to become a correspondence student, it is required to take the same steps as for full-time students.

The difference is that there should be an additional interview with the curators and set for yourself a personal schedule of study, get acquainted with the requirements and pass a special interview.

Absentee Students must have an Internet connection in order to be remotely present at classes and lectures held at the University.

Absentee Students should be able to come to Moscow at least twice a year for a week to attend in-depth seminars, classes and consultations.

Training is paid.

One-time entry fee of 1500 rubles.

Monthly payment: 2000 rub. to cover costs.

Attend 2 times a year retreat seminar (cost from 7700 rub.)

To become an Absentee Student - become a Student Free Listener, register for this and take courses: Course 000, Course001, Course 002, Course 003, Course 004.

In Course 004, find the questionnaire, fill it out and send it to Alexander Sadilova at the address:, (copy,

If you see an ad on the recruitment of students for the Teachers' Courses on MYOU sites, sign up for an interview that will take place via Skype or live, if you are in Moscow.

Continue to follow all the other courses on the website

When taking courses, a person will develop and demonstrate the following qualities:

1. The ability to focus on the material under study.

2. Quickly learn the material.

3. The ability to memorize material from the first time and for a limited time.

4. Tolerance while passing the course materials.

5. The ability to communicate constructively with other students and course curators.

6. The ability to reasonably and concisely express their opinions on a variety of issues.

7. Sequence in the study of yoga.

8. Stability in the course.

We have a presumption of decency of each Student of the Free Listener.

We believe that, without extreme necessity, you will not deceive us, you will not try to deceive the training system, or consciously mislead us.

You are required to regularly attend the courses website so that we know that you are with us.

If you are absent from the site of courses for more than six months (i.e., if you do not go to the site of courses under your name at least once every six months), we will assume that you for some reason dropped out of school with us.

In this case, you will be excluded from the list of students, and all your grades will be removed from the course system.

If a person has been excluded from the course system, then he may try to start taking our courses again.

At the moment, the courses are free only thanks to the financial support of our Russian sponsors, as well as the disinterested help that we are provided by a large number of yogis and yoginas who have undergone training.

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