Lesson 2.3

What qualities, as these Courses suggest, will a person develop in himself and demonstrate in his studies when they pass successfully?

  • The ability to focus on the material being studied. Some students believe that the knowledge acquired through the Internet is something frivolous, because the Internet is really a lot of all sorts of dubious information about yoga, which is meaningless to focus on.

  • Quickly learn the material. In a few years you will have to work on material that is enormous in volume.

  • The ability to memorize material from the first time and for a limited time. From the first time, one should be able to memorize not only what is interesting to us, but also what sometimes seems insignificant and unimportant.

  • Ability in the conditions of hard temporary pressure to answer the questions of numerous tests and verification work.

  • Patience in passing the course materials. For beginners in yoga, some materials seem so illusoryly simple, understandable, and even boring that they want to start exploring something more interesting. Unfortunately, this attitude in yoga breeds dropouts.

  • The ability to constructively communicate with other students and course curators. The art of communication is the key to your future success.

  • The ability to articulate and concisely express their opinions on a variety of issues. The ability to transfer your experience further to people. When doing the course homework, this will be required of you first.

  • The sequence in the study of yoga. Patiently, step by step, study the theory and practice of yoga, without “shy away” from one school of yoga to another.

  • Perseverance in the passage of courses. Courses are designed for several years. Only the one who learns to overcome the routine and routine of systematic training, he has the right to expect success.


Yoga believes that each person has an equally great higher self (in Sanskrit sounds like Atma).

Therefore, there can be no question of any division of people into supermen and subhumans. At the same time, the degree of self-awareness of each person of his higher self is different, hence different people have different degrees of responsibility for their actions. Someone with ease goes on deception and forgery. Someone without extreme need not even think about it. It is not our task to indicate to people at what level of spiritual development they are. The fact that a person begins to study yoga in our country says that this level is extremely high. Therefore, we have a presumption of decency of each Student of the Free Listener.

We believe that, without extreme necessity, you will not deceive us, will not try to deceive the training system, juggle anything, consciously deceive us and so on. We do not want to turn into police officers who will check your every action, every digit that you specify in certain tasks. Although some fairly powerful means of control were originally incorporated into the training system, and from time to time we look through some analytics, but we have no desire to catch you by the hand. We do this mainly in order to indirectly track the percentage of random, marginal people in yoga. Of course, if we encounter such people, then our respect for them falls, and any sanctions may follow. But Yoga teaches that if you really want to punish someone, then become indifferent to it. It is not our task to rework people, but our right to do so in order not to overlap with those who behave unworthily.

Therefore, if you deceive us, the training system, dishonestly pass tests, perform homework, consciously mislead us, then by this very fact you punish yourself. The most serious examiner and tester is life. If, deceiving someone, you think what a clever cool “hacker” you are, and all around are “fuckers”, then you yourself come up with rules for your future life. And in another situation, these rules will turn against you. This is called the Law of Karma. We would not want to live with you in this Universe created by you according to your rules, similar to the "Law of the Jungle".

If you have suspended your training courses, or the problem of "Dead Souls on the site."

Friends, you can take courses as fast as you feel comfortable doing it. The only thing that is required of you is to regularly visit the website of the courses so that we know that you are still with us. If you are absent from the site of courses for more than six months, that is, if you do not go to the site of courses under your name at least once every six months, then we will assume that you for some reason dropped out of training with us. In this case, you will be excluded from the list of students and all your grades will be deleted from the course system. The reason for this is as follows: we try to keep real statistics of our affairs: the number of our students, their success, grades, etc. This statistic is very important to us, as it allows us to soberly assess our current situation and make appropriate adjustments in our work. Therefore, we would like to have real numbers about real students. In this regard, a problem arises with those of the students who studied with us for a while and then suddenly disappeared for a long time. That is, this so-called problem of "Dead Souls" in our courses, so named by analogy with the remarkable work of the same name by Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. We see that if a person does not appear in our courses for six months, then he probably left us. In addition, there are well-known difficulties associated with the load on the Internet servers of our courses, the amount of information that has to be stored, and so on.

If such a situation did occur with a person, and he was excluded from the course system, then, of course, he may try to start taking our courses again. But, unfortunately, he will have to start everything from the very beginning and re-work the material, take tests, do homework, etc. An exception can be made only in respect of those courses that a former student passed with distinction and for which he received a certificate of passage.

Why Online Yoga Courses are Free?

At the moment, the courses are free only thanks to the financial support of our Russian sponsors, as well as the disinterested help that we are provided by a large number of yogis and yoginas who have undergone training. In addition, we believe that distance learning through Remote Internet Yoga Courses should be free, because a large number of potential yoga teachers are currently physically unable to pay in full for their training, especially in those regions where the standard of living is very low. In addition, many creators of the Internet Yoga Courses at one time received a brilliant education in the universities of the former USSR absolutely free. And free Online Yoga Courses are a kind of return of karmic debt to the Motherland.

On the other hand, there is a known danger in the “free” courses. Since this sometimes (and we have already encountered this) attracts random, frivolous, and sometimes even not quite adequate people to the field of yoga teaching. As soon as they hear the word “freebie” sweet for their ears, they begin to grab even what they don’t need at all, and thus prevent other people from taking advantage of this chance.

Therefore, a certain "golden mean" is needed, which we will try to grope over time. Maybe in the future, it will be an indirect feasible payment through the purchase of textbooks, films, and so on.

Friends, you should clearly realize that if the Internet Yoga Courses are free, this does not mean at all that they do not require the maintenance and development of financial investments. Quite the contrary, maintaining courses requires all of this. This means that other people spend their money, effort, time to make this gift to humanity, without demanding anything in return. It is possible that in the future, realizing the enormity of the science of self-knowledge, which is yoga, you yourself will do the same in your desire to bring yoga to every person who wants to know it. The knowledge of yoga belongs to all mankind, it has no price. It can only be given to another, just as a young man gives a flower to his girlfriend. In this case, the young man is already happy by the very fact that the girl accepted this flower. But, on the other hand, the whole process of conveying this knowledge in an accessible and understandable form requires effort and quite specific financial investments. How long we will manage to find them - we do not know. Therefore, when student candidates write to us in their reviews that the most valuable thing in yoga courses is their gratuity, this only causes a smile from curators and teachers.

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