Sutra 1

The main part of the people in the courses are those who decided to study yoga for themselves and to become our students as Free Students.

A smaller part of the people in the courses are those who want to study yoga consistently and in depth under the strict guidance of our teachers and personal mentors, mentors in our special groups.

Among them are the following groups of people with the following motivations:
1. Graduates and senior students from various universities.
2. Middle-aged people working in various fields.
3. Young mothers sitting at home with children who want to dive deep into the world of self-discovery.
4. People of senior retirement and pre-retirement age.
5. People who consider yoga to be the work of their whole life.

Free Distance Online Yoga Courses are the most powerful distance learning center at the International Open Yoga University.

These courses provide an opportunity for everyone to engage in systematic and in-depth self-education in the field of theoretical and practical yoga, as well as the opportunity to receive additional professional education in the field of teaching the theory and practice of yoga.

The training system of courses combines the adherence to all the requirements of ancient classical yoga, along with the best traditions of teaching the exact sciences of the Russian (Soviet) scientific school.

The goal of Free Online Yoga Courses is to teach as many people as possible to the ancient science of yoga - the science of self-knowledge.

True yoga should go beyond the narrow circle of "initiates." This is the main purpose of the courses.

Free Online Yoga Courses is not an entertainment site.

The creation of Yoga Courses of such a level of fundamentality and accessibility has no precedent all over the world.

The concept of "Open Yoga" was chosen for the courses as the one closest to the ancient freedom-loving spirit of yoga, effective for modern people, proven by time and producing remarkable results.

The concept is, on the one hand, to strictly and strictly follow the ancient freedom-loving spirit of Yoga and the basis of all yogas, the Vedas. At the same time, on the other hand, present the material in a clear and accessible language.

In the Internet Yoga Courses used the maximum number of currently available primary sources of yoga.

In Courses, complex things are described in the most simple, ordinary speech, which is currently understood by most people.

At the moment, all the theoretical and practical training of yoga is held in Russian and English.

The knowledge of yoga belongs to all mankind.

To fully complete the Distance Internet Courses of the Open Yoga University, you need to register.

Registration is needed so that you can take tests and know your grades.

Your access to courses in higher sections of yoga is possible only if you have passed the basic sections of yoga and successfully passed all the preliminary tests.

You can always delete your registration.

For students who successfully complete certain courses, we will send a confirmation certificate.

We can do this only if during the course the student provided us with information about himself and only if there is a photograph of the student.

For example, for the absence of a photo from a student, at the discretion of the curator, 1% of the assessment may be removed.

If the person’s name is clearly machine or pseudonym, such as “123 sdgfsdfg”, “Enlightened Buddha”, “Barack Obama”, “Harry Potter” - 1% of the assessment can be removed at the discretion of the curator.

After receiving the certificate you will not be able to change the name.
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