Do I need to lose weight or be flexible in order to start practicing yoga?

No. People of all shapes and sizes can practice yoga and benefit from the practices, as well as participate in our online classes. Poses are performed exclusively as you do it. The main criterion for the correct performance of the posture is the feeling of joy from performing the posture. Over time, your level of flexibility will improve.

I am pregnant. Should I do yoga?

Yoga is considered to be very useful during pregnancy, however, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting any new activity. Some poses are contraindicated during pregnancy.

I want to lose weight, will yoga help me with this?

Yes, Yoga uses methods and practices for losing weight. But you must remember that this will come as a gift, as a side effect of the lessons. Although the goal of yoga is a little different.

Can people of old age do yoga?

Of course. Yoga is a harmonious system that allows you to engage people of all ages. Before class, be sure to warn the instructor about the special moment of your health.