Short guide to kriya yoga



What is Kriya Yoga?

  • It's dynamic Yoga. Yoga that purifies our body and calms our mind.
  • It's a set of cyclic exercises that lead you to knowledge if you've got a right infusion.
  • It's one of  Yogas that helps us to reprocess our karma.
  • It's a set of repeating dynamic exercises (kriyas), that are always the same and last for definite period of time. Movements are cyclic harmonious and can be done fast or slowly.


Condition when you do an exercise and want to continue doing it.

Avoid pain, discomfort and dizziness.

Start learning Kriya Yoga from lessons with teacher in yoga class.


What is the main point in Kriya Yoga?


Most of people think that the quicker and harder their practice will be the better result they will get. It's a mistake. Kriya Yoga teaches us that every man has his own tempo. Moreover that this tempo can change from day to day. The main point in kriya is not how quick movements are but are they really harmonious for a practicing person.


What kind of people can practice Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is recomended for people with everage or good health. Construction of our body implies that we need to make definite quantity of movements every day. But our life becomes mostly sedentary so we’ve got a lack of activity. Kriya Yoga helps us to compensate our uncompleted day activity and even to make some reserve.