What is hatha yoga?


It is a kind of yoga to improve physical body, get good health and stable emotional condition by making various static poses (asanas).

It is the kind of yoga that works with the physical body.

But if we will practice this kind of yoga honestly, knowingly and long enough it will increase our intellectual abilities as well and we will discover hidden abilities that are dozing inside us.


  • Without hatha yoga is impossible to make a foundation for learning other kinds of yoga. If we neglect the physical body it means that we will impede the development in yoga practice. 
  • Word “Hatha” means duality. “Ha” means here and “tha” means there and ha “is there” and “that” is here – yoga means their union. 
  • Bhava is the inner emotion background, very positive one. If you have got this feeling during your yoga practice you are no the right way. 
  • It is really good to practice yoga with a group of people. If you practice you should NOT feel pain and discomfort. The yoga ends where the pain starts!


What is the main point in Hatha yoga?

It is considered that there are two basic methods: method of Energy and method of Consciousness. METHOD OF ENERGY teaches us to take approximately any yoga pose and wait until the energy bends us in the proper way. We make an exercise as long as it is pleasant. METHOD OF CONSCIOUSNESS says to see ourselves like we are already perfect yogis and yoginis. And we make our body to obey. We make ourselves as close to our inner vision of perfection as possible. We overcome ourselves, but at the same time, we avoid extremes.

Both these methods are to be combined in a harmonious way to succeed in yoga!


For what kind of people yoga is intended?


Everyone can practice Hatha yoga, regardless the age, nationality or religion. If you have got any health problems you should consult your doctor. It is not the aim of yoga to cute even though it often happens so. Children and seniors may also practice Hatha yoga.