Yoga Flow Workout for Relaxation


This is a 30 minutes long yoga workout for relaxation with Open Yoga and Yogini Rasa. This time we are in Malta, Gozo. Beautiful place for wonderful practice with yoga. I am so happy you are here with me! 


Start with the smile on your face and try to keep it there. Smile to yourself and to the world around. Let's learn to be present. 


This is gentle yoga. No stress. With active relaxation with yoga. 


be yourself! Discover the inner beauty hidden in you! Shine! 


Breathing has superpowers. Looks so simple. But can do miracles! You have to try and to keep working on it. Just take your time and no stress. 


If you liked the practice keep coming back! Let's do it for at least 14 days to have a stable result and to see changes. 

✿✿✿ THANK YOU! ✿✿✿

 I would like to thank you for being here! This is the most precious gift for me. This is the moment for amazing possibilities. If you like this video and it was useful, THUMBS UP! ❤❤❤ To have more content earlier. __________________