Alternate Nostril Breathing - Nadi Shodhana

Pranayama Guide

 With this video Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana), you will learn how to practice alternative breathing exercise to be able to practice it on your own for revitalizing your body. This is YOGA WITH SUBTITLES!!!

Enjoy what you do! Be positive about what life brings to you! Just a few minutes of this exercise and you will feel much better!!!

Usually, we are not very aware of our breathing and thereby we breathe rather shallow. That impacts our health and ability of our mind to function. Learn this simple and amazing breathing exercise with Yogini Rasa for


  • more stable emotional background
  • yourself more
  • be more aware of yourself and the world around
  • inner calmness
  • relaxation
  • become more positive
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • mindfulness
  • and better sleep


Did you already choose what are you looking for and what is your goal from this long and inspiring list?
IMPORTANT NOTE It is super serious recommendation to relax after pranayama or breathing yoga exercises! Otherwise, you might get exactly the opposite result than you expect. Here you do not need to overwork. Here the suggestion "The more, the better" does NOT work!