Topic outline

  • General

    "How to study and use courses?"

    Estimated course time: 6 hours

    What to do?

    1. First of all, click here: Sign up for a course, otherwise the system will think that you have come out of curiosity, and not to learn. Friends! Attention! Above there should be a link "Ratings". If there is an inscription "Register for the course", then go on it.
    2. Complete the visible course step. Study the material and pass the test.

    3. After passing the test, you will see and get access to the next Step of the course.

    4. So go through all the steps and complete the Home Assignment of the course.

    5. If you successfully complete this course, then at the end you will receive a code word for the next course.

    What is this course about:
    • How to become a student, learn yoga for yourself.
    • How to study yoga in depth in special groups under the guidance of a teacher and personal mentor-mentor.
    • How to move from open to all sections of yoga to the closed from random people species, and from them to the secret (guha) sections.
    • How to make a trip to India, study yoga there.
    • How to study as a teacher, instructor, trainer or popularizer of yoga in Russian or English.

  • Topic 1

    Step 1. Lesson 1.
  • Topic 2

    Step 2. Lesson 2.
  • Topic 3

    Step 3. Lesson 3.
  • Topic 4

    Step 4. Lesson 4.